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This is a small game I made for the Game-a-week challenge. I went with an analog game so the download will be in the form of a small rulebook with a list of needed components. Unfortunately it's not very complete due to the time constraints I imposed on the small project. The one thing it's missing is the board.

In a universe where kids rule and parents drool, there is a competition every decade between planets to decide who will serve as the leader of the Interplanetary League of Leaders. The planet of the new leader is bathed in wealth and respect. You are chosen as a representative of your planet to enter the gauntlet. Score as many points as possible in ten minutes and claim the role for yourself and your planet the role you deserve!

Little Laser League is a board game in which between 4 to 6 players battle each other for the role of the leader of an organization called the Interplanetary League of Leaders. They battle in a laser-tag style game with a large arena. Each player will enter the arena as a kid with a trusty laser blaster with which to eliminate their opponents.

Post mortem on game here


Little Laser League GDD v1.0.0 453 kB

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